CloudTesting™ Service is an Industry First, On-Demand Testing Service.

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Easy Start

CloudTesting™ Station is free rent. Fees for Testing IP are paid monthly.

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Various Application

We provide various test and measurement algorithms and analysis tools as Testing IP.

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Our engineers support your testing.

CloudTesting™ Station

CloudTesting™ Station, the measurement instrument for the semiconductor device, is available in two models of CX1000P and CX1000D.

CX1000_MCU firmware provides 100MHz digital testing. MEMORY_TYPE_F firmware provides 266MHz/533Mbps digital testing.

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Measurement ChannelCX1000PCX1000DCX1000D S2-LINK
Digital I/O32ch128ch256ch
Power Supply2ch8ch16ch
Reference Voltage Supply2ch8ch16ch
Arbitrary Waveform Generator1ch4ch8ch

CloudTesting™ Lab

CloudTesting™ Lab is optimized for those who have no experience in measurements. You don’t need to spend time for learning the operation.

Connect the pins

Connect pins of device and the measurement channels of CloudTesting™ Station.

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Select the measurement method

CloudTesting™ Service provides the measurement method by plugin which is called algorithm IP.

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Set the measurement conditions

The interfaces are suitable for inputting the measurement conditions.

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Shmoo Plot Tool

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Shmoo Plot Tool is a analysis IP to perform the measurement item while changing the measurement conditions according to Shmoo conditions.

Logic Analyzer

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Logic Analyzer Tool is a analysis IP to display the result of the pattern program in the logic waveform.

Pattern Viewer Tool

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Pattern Viewer Tool is a analysis IP display the execution result of the pattern program in tabular form.